How to Promote your Mobile Application for Free?

You have successfully done your mobile application development and it has been launched peacefully, now what to do next? What about promoting your mobile application?

The promotion of your mobile app is the key element to increase its download and popularity. As per the Statista report, in 2019, nearly 204 billion apps were downloaded. You can understand the fierce competition, henceforth to stand out from the crowd you will be requiring a top-notch mobile app development company and after successful mobile application development, you need to promote it.

Promote your Mobile Application

No worry if you don’t have resources to hire a digital marketing expert for promoting your app. In this article, we have jotted down the different strategies that you can adopt for your app promotion for free of cost. Here “free” doesn’t imply that you don’t have to put any effort, instead, you just don’t need to pay any buck.

1. App Optimization on the App Store:

The number of searches on the Google Play Store is 53% while on the Apple App Store are 47%. This makes vital for you to optimize your app so it gets easy to find. The name of the app shouldn’t be hard and easy to search. It should have a captivating app description with relevant keywords and have screenshots and videos the user can wander through.

2. Landing Page:

A landing page is a very relevant idea to market your mobile application. On a landing page of your app, you can easily showcase the benefits of your app, address the users’ common queries, and can include relevant testimonials which will enhance your app’s credibility. It will also make your discoverable by the search engines which will improve the rankings.

3. Take reviews from your customers:

The users more trust an app when it has positive reviews from other users. It can compel them to make purchasing decisions and have a direct impact on the app store algorithms. You should take reviews on both Google Play and the App Store.

4. Content Marketing:

This is the easiest thing you can do for promoting your mobile application. Publish the content that emphasizes the features and USPs of your mobile application on different blogging platforms, like Medium You can also add relevant keywords and backlinks to your app which can improve the search engine ranking as well.

5. Try to get Guest Posts:

You can find high authority blogs that are relevant to your genre and publish a blog or article on anyone on them. It will also help in getting backlinks on your app. More the backlinks, you will get a better position on Google.

6. Leverage Social Media:

Promote your mobile app on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and others. You can share any offers, vouchers, discounts, or any other update related to your app on these platforms.

7. Join relevant groups on social media:

You can find many different groups on social media platforms like Facebook, and LinkedIn where you can share the content related to your app and hence do promotion for free. Keep in mind that mainly in groups it is not advisable to do promotions frequently.

8. Use Referrals policy:

The referral system is highly beneficial for e-commerce based apps. Give users some benefits of discounts or offers when they refer their kith or kin to download and install your app. You can include a “refer a friend” button in your app and offer users rewards for each referral.

9. Enlist your app in app directories:

There are many app directories such as app chatter, androidapplog, apps400, preapp, etc .where you can enlist your app. More you will enlist your app, more will be chances of getting it discovered by the users.

10. Release a demo video:

As per a study of Hubspot, 54% of customers prefer to see the video content from the brands they use and support. It would be great if you can create 30 seconds or a minute video that showcase your app features and qualities which can compel them to try them at least once. You can also promote on your social media channels, and include it on your website.

11. Involvement incredible forums:

You can show off your niche by giving proper answers related to your industry in different app forums. One such is Quora, one of the biggest sites of finding answers, it has more than 300 million active users and 35% of Americans said, that they use Quora. Avoid answering questions that have too many responses, as your visibility will be limited. Focus on questions with a high following but few answers.

12. Tie up with influencers:

This method may or may not be a free one. You can tie up with influencers who are having an appropriate number of followers. You can try micro-influencers or tech enthusiasts who are having a decent social media following Get them interested in your app if they decide to use it and they like it, they might review your app and post it on their social media channels.

Last Statement:

Even a highly outstanding app can require promotion. Just mobile application development doesn’t guarantee success; you need to put more effort. In this article, you have got many clues of how you can promote your mobile application for free. Show off your expertise by answering questions on forums like Quora, creating content relevant to your niche, and sharing it on social media. Getting positive customer reviews and submitting your app for awards will have a positive impact on your brand image as it will boost your credibility.

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