Automating end to end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for faster time to market, increased efficiency and reduced cost.

Previously, software development used fragmented approach which involved different teams working on various parts of the whole process such as development, testing among others. This approach has been replaced by a more dynamic and continuous approach which involves a collaborative team in working closely on the whole project.

At Amplework Technologies, we use DevOps in software development. This leads to accelerated software delivery and provides ease of transitions throughout the software lifecycle. In order to make this process a success, we bring together various stakeholders and discuss ways of streamlining the delivery of the software. DevOps is a traditional approach which comes with a couple of automation techniques. This leads to automated and accelerated processes such as environment set up, monitoring, testing, configuration and deployment. Consequently, this saves huge energy, resources and time for businesses and grant them a chance to stay at per with advancements in technology.

Accelerators and Frameworks

We have an outstanding experience in helping our clients in adopting DevOps solutions and make the best out of their tremendous benefits in order to drive their businesses and enjoy accelerated delivery of software. We use the following tools to achieve this feat:

DevOps Tools Chain

DevOps transformation has a couple of challenges which hinders implementation by a business enterprise. Some of these challenges include ad-hoc practices, lack of rationalization tools, technology debt among others. DevOps automation Platform comes with enriched toolset which fuels standardization, robust governance and metric analysis of the code. These tools alongside other technological expertise helps our clients in building, managing and testing a complete software as shown in the diagram below:

DevOps Case Study

Industries that we serve

Amplework has been recognized as one the leading mobile app development companies that provides solutions to the following industries: