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Elevate Your Fintech Application With Exclusive Benefits

We are the leading finance app development company that empowers businesses in developing tech-enabled solutions. So, invest in these exclusive benefits to enhance the ROI of your business through finance applications.

  • Automated Fraud Detection
  • Immersive UX
  • Extensive Data Security
  • Helps in Fund Allocation
  • Finance Data Visualization
  • Monitoring Regulatory Compliance


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Expert Financial Development Services For Your Business Needs!

Our fintech app development services present a plethora of opportunities to help those startups, SMEs or enterprises who are eagerly searching for reliable finance app developers.

Fintech App Consultancy

Our fintech app consultancy services provide expert guidance on the development of fintech applications. We will help you to navigate the complexities of fintech app development and provide you with tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

Custom Fintech Applications

Our custom fintech application development services are designed to provide unique, tailored solutions for your business needs. We can develop fintech apps for a variety of use cases, including payments, investments, trading and more.

Banking Software Solutions

It incorporates a range of features to help you manage your financial operations, including mobile banking apps, online banking portals and more. Our solutions are designed to present secure, reliable and user-friendly approaches to support clients.

Billing & Payment Services

Our billing and payment services include features such as online invoicing, payment processing, and more. We can develop custom payment solutions for your business, including integrations with popular payment gateways.

Trading Platform Development Services

We provide custom solutions for trading platforms, including stock trading, cryptocurrency trading and more. Our trading solutions platforms are built with algorithm-based approaches that generate real-time solutions.

Blockchain-Based Fintech Services

It incorporates solutions for blockchain-based payments, smart contracts, and more. Our team of experts can help you harness the power of blockchain technology to streamline your financial operations and improve security.

Investment Management Solutions

This includes features such as portfolio management, asset allocation, risk management, and more. Our solutions are designed to provide data insights and tools that help you make informed investment decisions by optimizing your investment strategies.

Maintenance & Support Services

Our services include bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements to ensure that your app remains up-to-date and secure. We also offer 24/7 support to help you in addressing issues & you can focus on continually growing your business.

We Deliver Tech Solutions To Elevate All Types of Fin-Tech Business Needs

At Amplework, we cater to deliver fin-tech solutions for all types of businesses in an effective way. We believe that we’re responsible for bringing your fin-tech vision to life through seamless deliveries.

Fintech App Development Company

Advance Technologies To Integrate Into Your Fintech App

Fascinate your users by integrating advanced technologies into your mobile application. As, these technologies will be going to drive growth for your business.



These technologies can also help improve the accuracy of financial forecasts, helping businesses make more informed decisions. It can also support you in governing financial applications to automate tasks – such as: fraud detection and risk assessment.


Digital ID Verification

Digital ID verification technology enhances security and reduces fraud by verifying the identities of users during the onboarding process. By leveraging technologies such as: biometrics and machine learning. So, leverage these technologies for exponential growth.


Virtual Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality technologies can enhance the user experience by providing immersive and interactive interfaces for financial applications. This can help increase user engagement and retention while providing valuable insights.


Blockchain Encrypt Transaction

Operate your transactions under the peer-to-peer network. Keep your transaction secure and bring the possibility to zero for encountering any fraudulent transactions. Now, keep your transactions encrypted with the utilization of blockchain.

Innovations Meets Finances: Take A Look Into Our App Development Process

Successful application development requires a well-planned process that encompasses ideation, design, development, testing, deployment & more.


Planning Stage

It involves defining the app’s purpose, target audience and key features. It also includes determining the platforms.


Designing Stage

This stage involves creating the app’s visual design, including its user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).


Development Stage

This stage involves coding the app’s functionality using programming languages like Java, Swift, or Kotlin.


Testing Stage

It involves rigorous testing of the app’s functionality, usability, and security. We test through both methods i.e. manual & automation.


Deployment Stage

This stage involves deploying the app to the respective app stores, such as: Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Maintenance Stage

This stage involves ongoing maintenance of the app, including bug fixes, updates and feature enhancements.

Advance Integrations By Our Prowess Fintech App Developers

At Amplework, we effectively integrate new-age app features & integrations to make your application fascinating.


Multiple Authentication Systems

This feature allows users to access their accounts using multiple authentication methods such as fingerprint, facial recognition & more.


Multiple Account Management

This feature enables users to manage multiple accounts from a single app, allowing for greater convenience and ease of use.


Data Analytics

This feature provides insights and trends from user data, helping businesses make informed decisions and optimize their application.


Dynamic KYC Platform

This feature automates the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, providing a seamless and secure onboarding experience for users.


Multi-Model Transactions

This feature allows users to transact in multiple ways, such as bank transfers, credit card payments and e-wallet transactions.


Customer Data Management

It will allow businesses to securely manage and store user data, while also providing users with the ability to control their data preferences.

Technology Stacks For Banking and Finance App Development

At Amplework, we incorporate expertise into all the diverse technologies. Here, it is important to note that the specific technologies used in financial technology development can vary depending on the specific needs of the application and the clients.

Programming Languages

Java l Python l JavaScript l C++ l Ruby l Scala


Spring Boot l Django l Ruby on Rails l AngularJS l React l Vue.js


Oracle l MySQL l PostgreSQL l MongoDB l Redis



Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) l Microsoft Azure l Google Cloud Platform

DevOps Tools

Docker l Kubernetes l Jenkins l Git

Frequently Asked Questions

At Amplework, we offer various financial services such as: custom fintech applications, banking software solutions, billing & payment solutions, investment management consultancy, testing services and many more.

The timely delivery of the application effectively depends upon the size of the mobile application. At Amplework, we incorporate a robust delivery process and we usually complete the app development process in 8 to 10 months.

There are multiple key reasons behind specifically selecting Amplework for fintech app development services – such as: our developers incorporate a minimum experience of 5 years, we have proficiency into the latest technologies, we work in multiple timezones, we have accomplished 350+ projects and we offer the best-in-class budgeted solutions to our clients. Furthermore, we propose a budget plan to our clients after offering them personalized business solutions.

Yes, to accomplish complete client satisfaction we always emphasize towards utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Thus, we incorporate the use of AI-generated software as well as all the new-age technologies to develop a fascinating application.

The cost of developing a fintech mobile application entirely depends upon the size of the application. Although, the average cost of development lies between $25,000 to $150,000. To know the exact prices then you will need to connect with our project managers. After understanding your requirements, we will send you the final price quotations.

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