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Don’t Let Bugs Harm Your Reputation, Utilize Our Software Testing Services.

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Software Testing Services Company

Keep Software Tested & Bugs Away With Our Services

With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, Amplework is your go-to partner for all your software testing needs. Our software testing services ensure result-driven outputs.


Apps & Web Testing

As a software test company, we offer comprehensive testing services for both mobile apps and web applications.

Performance Testing Services

Keep your software in optimized shapes and ready for anything by incorporating our software testing services.

Security Testing Services

Think of us as your software’s personal bodyguard – we’ll do everything to protect it from all kinds of threats.

Compatibility Testing Services

As a top software testing company, we test your software on various operating systems, browsers, networks & more.

Usability Testing Services

Give your software a technical makeover – we help it to become more charming, more fascinating and user-friendly.

Test Automation Services

We empower the use of advanced tools and techniques for automating entire test processes for time-saving operations.

Benefits of Software Testing

The Perks of Investing in Software Testing

Experience the benefits of well-tested software with increased productivity, higher quality standards and happier users.

10X Software Efficiency

Investing in a comprehensive software testing lifecycle increases the efficiency of your software by up to 10 times (for a faster development cycle).


Up to 50% Higher User Retention

So, experience high user retention by keeping your software’s response time under 2 seconds to 4 seconds. Time to generate quick results.

(- 40%) Testing Time

With rigorous testing, you can identify and fix bugs that will result in turning your product or service into a more reliable state.

Our Approach, Your Success

Reasons To Select Amplework Software

We’re like a ninja squad for your software, silently identifying and eliminating bugs before they can do any harm. Now, it’s time to know about our competitive advantages.

5+ Years

Average experience of our developers.


Projects completed in the USA & European IT markets.


Revenue generated by clients from our solutions.


Our client retention rate is 93% because of our robust & transparent policies.

Top 10%

We appear under the top 10% of developers as per “Upwork”.

Dream it, We’ll Build it – Our Hiring Models

At Amplework Software, we understand that every business has different needs and requirements. Thus, we offer flexible and customizable engagement models that align with your business needs.


Team Extension Model

Increase the current capability of your team members by integrating our services into your existing operations.

  • dot1 Scale Up Operations.
  • dot1 Flexibility.
  • dot1 Extended Capabilities.
  • dot1 Diverse Expertise.

Offshore Dedicated Team

Clients can opt for hourly services for a specific number of hours or opt for monthly payment services.

  • dot2 Hourly Payment Option.
  • dot2 Monthly Payment Schedules.
  • dot2 Services For Multiple Times.
  • dot2 Seamless Integrations.

Fully Outsourced Maintenance

You can completely outsource your project to us for software maintenance and support services.

  • dot3 Budget Solutions.
  • dot3 Transparency.
  • dot3 Fair Calculations.
  • dot3 Eliminate Overhead Costs.

How We Ensure 100% Successful Testing Operations?

With a proven track record, our experts follow a rigorous testing process to ensure that all software are thoroughly tested and operates in a smooth stage. So, you can trust us for 100% successful testing operations.


Metrics & Reporting

  • dot-4 Analysing entire defect density in the program.
  • dot-4 High-risk areas are tested for undiscovered defects.
  • dot-4 +90% test case effectiveness.

Multiple Timezone Operations

  • dot-4 Our lowest response time is 15 minutes.
  • dot-4 We overcome the most complex bugs in 8 hours.
  • dot-4 We operate across 15+ time zones.

Proficient in 30+ Industries

  • dot-4 Our test engineers work with diverse industries.
  • dot-4 4-7 levels of testing are conducted for industries.
  • dot-4 Industry project testing work through 6 phases.

ISO Certification

  • dot-4 We incorporate ISO 27001:2015 Certificate.
  • dot-4 We follow utmost compliance standards.
  • dot-4 Regularly training & updating our testing teams.
Transparency & Efficiency

Our Process For Software Testing

For the software testing process, we think like we’re mapping out our masterpiece, envisioning the end result and the steps we need to take to get there. We gather our tools, our testing scenarios, test data and we’re ready to begin.


Our KPI Suite For Software Testing

With our KPI suite for software testing, our team ensures test coverage stays between 80-100%, thoroughly testing your software for quality assurance with a comprehensive range of tests.

We guarantee +90% test case effectiveness, leveraging industry-leading tools and best practices to ensure your software is rigorously and thoroughly tested for the best test results.

We guarantee a rapid issue resolution time of up to 8 hours in most cases, enabling you to address defects quickly and ensure optimal software performance.

Our team will complete a 2-4 week test cycle, using a range of testing techniques to ensure optimal performance, quality and user experience with our robust delivery.

We evaluate product performance through Automated testing as well as through manual testing operations.

Technology Stacks

Our software testing services cover a wide range of technology stacks. We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure your software should be thoroughly tested for optimal performance.

  • Test management tools
  • HP ALM
  • Zephyr
  • qTest
  • Microsoft Test Manager
  • Test automation frameworks
  • Cypress
  • Robot Framework
  • TestNG
  • Protractor
  • Performance testing tools
  • BlazeMeter
  • Apache JMeter Plugins
  • LoadUI
  • API testing tools
  • Insomnia
  • Karate
  • Swagger
  • Newman
  • Continuous integration and delivery tools
  • Travis CI
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • TeamCity
  • CodeShip
  • Cloud-based testing tools
  • LoadStorm
  • App Perfect
  • Jenkins Dev@Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Result-Oriented Software Testing Services

Amplework effectively empowers various startups, SMEs and agencies for utilizing software testing services.

For software testing, we always emphasize automated testing operations with manual testing operations to ensure that our clients should get the experience of running software smoothly.

At Amplework, we follow 5 steps process for the testing process - such as: test planning, testing design and analysis, test execution, test reporting and test closure activities.

We incorporate specific tools such as: HP ALM, Microsoft Test Manager, Robot Framework, TestNG, Protractor, BlazeMeter, Travis CI, GitLab CI/CD, etc.

To maintain security and privacy such as: non-disclosure agreements, test environment setup, data anonymization, restricted access, compliance with industry standards, penetration testing and many more. All these measures help us to maintain the security and privacy of software during the entire journey.

To tell you about the exact cost of operations, we need to evaluate your software testing requirements. After that our test engineers will figure out the complexity of the software being used, the experience of the testing team and many more.

Our minimum response time for solving issues stands at 15minutes and our maximum time for solving bugs stands at 8 hours.

At Amplework, we believe in transparent and effective communication with our clients. We provide regular updates on the testing progress and results through emails, calls or via “Slack” channels.

To handle defects carefully, we incorporate a specific process that begins with defect identification, defect reporting, defect prioritization, defect fixing and retesting.

Yes, we offer free maintenance services for all projects. While making the final contract, we specifically mention about the free services that we’ll provide to our clients.

The frequency of software testing depends on the nature and complexity of the software being developed. However, it's generally recommended to conduct testing throughout the software development lifecycle, from the initial design phase to the final deployment phase. This allows you to catch defects and issues early in the process when they are easier and less expensive to fix.