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Amplework Software is revolutionizing the way businesses utilize technology by offering next-generation BI solutions, streamlining processes, and making them more manageable than ever before. Our cutting-edge services cater to various industries, including healthcare, retail, and finance, harnessing the power of technology to gather, integrate, and analyze business data.

Our Business Intelligence consultants are dedicated to examining accumulated data and developing robust frameworks for informed decision-making. With our support, your organization can benefit from a highly adaptable business intelligence solution that delivers valuable insights, easily understood by end users. As a leading provider of top-notch advanced business intelligence solutions, Amplework's team of skilled experts is here to guide your organization towards success.

Turning Complex Business Data into Powerful Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence Services provide valuable insights into daily work progress, offering a clear perspective on workflow speed and identifying any irregularities. This enables swift assessment and implementation of necessary measures. Expertly Developed solutions handle challenging conditions, real-time data, dynamic requests, and historical mining, while providing a tailored, integrated BI strategy for your business.


Digital Marketing Analytics

Amplework helps in connecting your business to interactive advertising platforms towards giving your business in-depth visibility and proper insight.


Bespoke Customer Service

We help in the delivery of a powerful, robust, and end-to-end business intelligence service range for tracking customer service KPIs.


Financial Data Management

Eliminate struggles with financial data management and focus on achieving meaningful results with our BI solutions.


Comprehensive IT Performance Monitoring

Monitor the success and utilization of IT analytics through our dedicated BI services, ensuring optimal IT performance.


Efficient Operations & Logistics

Ensure the effective acceleration of business-centric decision making with comprehensive operational logistics for your business.


Enterprise-centric Solutions

Take control of your organization's data journey using our advanced BI tools, empowering you to make well-informed, data-driven.

Tools & Technologies

Experience accurate data insights effortlessly with our BI Analytics platform. Utilizing advanced BI solutions, we provide rapid, clear results to empower your data-driven decisions. Discover the power of Power BI, Tableau, Analytics (SSAS), Business Intelligence (SSRS), and Data Integration (SSIS) for seamless data organization and actionable insights.



Analytics (SSAS)

Business Intelligence (SSRS)

Data integration (SSIS)

Frequently Asked Questions


Notch Provider of BI and Analytics Applications

We ensure that the best quality business solutions are optimized by our employees to provide result-oriented business solutions. We support our clients in overall service providence with proper assistance and different customer services.

A Business Intelligence System is designed to support dynamic analysis infrastructure, allowing users to efficiently receive data from warehouses and perform various operations for quick business decision-making.

Tableau and Cognos software solutions cover most critical use cases for industry-specific data. Amplework offers both Tableau and Cognos BI software solutions for businesses.

The IT market is constantly evolving, with new BI systems emerging regularly. Assess your information processing and decision-making needs and conduct thorough research to select the most suitable system for your business.

BI systems are known to comprise various tools for ensuring effective data processing of the given organization. Some of the additional benefits of using a dedicated BI tool are:
  • Real-time decision-making
  • Easy access to relevant business data from multiple sources
  • Multilevel data analysis

A Business Intelligence System can foster collaboration by centralizing data from various sources, enabling different departments to access and analyze the information. This shared understanding helps team members work together to make informed decisions, identify trends, and address challenges, ultimately enhancing the organization's overall performance.

When implementing a Business Intelligence System, organizations should consider several security aspects, such as data encryption during transmission and storage, role-based access controls, strong authentication methods, and regular security audits. Ensuring that the system complies with relevant industry regulations and data protection laws is also crucial to safeguard sensitive information and maintain compliance.

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