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Amplework Software Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as the leading mobile application development company across the globe, offering comprehensive mobile app development solutions. Our approach is unique and we become part of the whole process walking with you from ideation stage to App launch and maintenance stage. We provide insights and use our expertise to deliver quality Mobile Apps which are far beyond your expectations. We have delivered over 100+ mobile apps which have garnered over 10 million downloads. Our methods are fully tested to ensure that our solutions are secure and add value to your business.

Mobile App Consultancy

Our team at Amplework Software Pvt. Ltd. helps you in having a roadmap that will lead to the development of a successful mobile application. Through our mobile application development consultancy services, we can conduct an in-depth market study that will yield crucial data before embarking on its realization. Below are some of the services we offer.

iPhone App Development

We possess in-depth knowledge of various coding languages as well as APSs. This helps us in giving a precise and clean interface that plays a major role in iPhone App Development. Due to the long-term expertise in this field, our iOS apps take the shortest time to be approved. Additionally, our apps are enjoyed and loved by millions of people across the world.

Android App Development

Ranging from Jellybean up to the latest android version, I have been designing and helping many businesses in the development and deployment of various Android App Development which help in meeting various technological and business requirements.

Wearable Development

We have extensive experience in the wearable mobile app development process that brings healthcare, calls, messages, and games closer to the users than even their mobile devices. We have developed over 25 wearable apps for both consumers and enterprises, for their standalone and IoT connected devices. Our expertise in the domain is what makes us one of the leading mobile application development companies of the UK and the US excelling in wearable apps.

Cross Platform Development

We are a mobile app development agency that builds high performance, scalable apps that run on both iOS and Android by incorporating React Native in our Mobile App Development process. We use the open-source framework to give the users an experience that is known for its seamlessness and simplicity. Here are the React Native advantages that make us the followers of this trusted app development framework.

UI/UX Mobile App Design

We plan our UI/UX Mobile App Design Process in a way that every click and element from the moment a user enters the app till the time he spends inside, gives them a reason to not just have longer app sessions but also recommend the app to everyone they know. Irrespective of how complex the app idea is, brands trust our Mobile App Design team, a leading mobile app development company, for giving their users a simple flow & exceptional interaction within the app.

Backend Development

We plan our Backend Mobile App Development process in a way that gives the end-users a platform to enjoy the app experience without worrying about the storage of their data. Through our Backend process, we, a leading mobile app development company, also save all the changes that were made offline and then synchronize them when the connection is established. Giving the users an undifferentiated switch between online and offline modes. To make our Backend Development process more robust, we even connect the app to the cloud, which ensures that the data is not just secure but can also be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Quality Assurance

One of the reasons why we have been able to keep up with our reputation for being the top mobile app development company is our comprehensive Quality Assurance process. We ensure that every app that gets launched in the app stores, with our names associated with it, goes through a series of stringent quality assurance processes that make our apps ready for all the network conditions and rare use cases.

App Support & Maintenance

We have established ourselves as not just the regular mobile app development companies which stay around till the app is launched. We are the mobile application development partners who lurk around even after the app is launched. Whether it’s improving the UI/UX as per user demands or migrating from a platform to another, our experienced team of app developers performs the task without interrupting the continued user experience.

Internet of Things

As a top mobile app development company, we specialize in developing IoT apps that connect all smart devices, making our users’ ecosystem smarter and greatly in-sync with each other. Our experienced team has successfully connected hundreds of different devices, earning us a reputation as a trusted name in the mobile application development world that works on the Internet of Things.


We have experience in developing apps that connects Beacon devices with nearby Bluetooth enabled devices, seamlessly. We help retail outlets by enabling them in gathering customers’ attention, with minimal efforts. Our iBeacon-based apps are known to increase footfall in several retail outlets.

Android VR

At Amplework, we offer customized mobile app development services for both VR/AR apps, which aim at closing the gap between the virtual and reality world. Our experienced team integrates this technology into the development process to enhance the interaction between users and the brand, creating a unique and immersive experience for our clients’ customers.

Apple TV App Development

With the advent of tvOS, Apple users have started accessing their favorite apps on the TV platform. At our mobile app development services company, we have extensive experience in working with Apple TV App Development. We make playing games, social and productivity tasks, finding new content, and exploring new video apps on the larger screen a breeze.

Mobile App Integration

It’s a challenge to integrate a native or web app to existing infrastructure such as your ERP or CRM systems. The aim is to quickly expose your existing infrastructure to this new ‘mobile delivery channel while minimizing changes to your back-end infrastructure. Organizations that can achieve this quickly will be able to expose their traditional business models to entirely devices and demographics.

Mobile App Architecture

Robust architecture is the foundation of great mobile apps. Being one of the top mobile app development companies, we have understood the significance of good mobile app architecture. We develop the architecture of your mobile apps on a framework divided into three layers- business layer, user interface layer, and data layer. Ensuring the scalability and security requirements that are the mark of a flawless app – we follow a scientific procedure to craft a comprehensive blueprint for your product. We keep tab on variables such as device choice, bandwidth, user interface, navigation method, etc. in order to keep the flow of data fluid.

Framework Development

We develop apps using frameworks that bring a transformative change in the app’s development speed, the features they support, cost that goes into their development, and a number of associated risks. By focusing on using a strong, robust framework, we help users get a high return on the investments that they have made in mobile application development.

Multilingual Apps

At Amplework Software Pvt. Ltd., we always focus on creating apps that have the potential to be accepted globally. One way we ensure that it happens, is by developing and launching the app in multiple languages.

Blockchain App Development

We have established ourselves as the experts of Blockchain App Development industry. Our team of mobile app developers are skilled and trained in implementing Blockchain services in the easiest and the most complex of the app flow as they come.

Chatbots Development

We make brands available to their customers 24*7 and help take their customer relationship program to the next level. Our chatbots development services, available for hire mobile app developers, give brands a chance to create high brand resonance among their customers, irrespective of what time zone they belong to. We are known to implement technologies like AI in our Chatbots to help brands give an experience which gives a new meaning to personalization.

Our Mobile App Development Process
How We Continue to Deliver Apps that Get Featured

From App Conceptualization to its Launch and then Maintenance, our mobile application development process is based on producing quality & timely validated results that are focused on the end-users.

What Makes Us one of The Leading Mobile App Development Companies

We are a Mobile App Consultancy that creates Apps that are a Blend of Artistry and Simplicity. Through our Apps, we deliver Thrilling, Useful Brand Experiences. NextGTV, Gullak, and Soniphi are a few of our apps that have taken innovativeness to the next level, bringing them on the home screens of a million users.

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