Streamline your Inspection Process & Improve Efficiency with User-Friendly Inspection Apps.

A new Gold Standard for Home Inspection

Whether its for a capital-intensive investment like in real-estate or renting a place for events, nothing could be better than a remote assessment which does not compromise clarity and transparency. Our home and live inspection app captures images and videos of objects which reflects the in-person observation of them. Remote Inspection has never been easier.

Our App will facilitate the A to Z processes for an efficient and transparent home inspection.

With crystal clear audio and video, it's like you're right there.


Why Choose our service?



A complete A-Z digital process for Inspection

Enable your team to have a holistic view of the entire inspection process with our powerful functionalities.

Clear Resolution Pictures with Date & Time Stamped

Stay updated of the condition of the property with high-quality images, thereby allowing for increased transparency. Images clicked will automatically be time-stamped allowing easy sorting of them for future inspection. Digital Signatures will allow recording and managing necessary authorizations.


In-person like Remote Assessment for Live Inspection

On-site team and residents can live stream from their smartphones which would allow for detailed inspection thereby, enabling you to know the exact condition of the property without the up and down travel.

The Inspection forms are easy to fill simultaneously with the live video feed. The live videos are sorted with date and time just like the images.


Scaleup, Delegate & Hire for Ad-hoc Inspection

Whether your team is unavailable or you desire immediate inspection, you can delegate the task to the trusted third party. May be you are looking to scale up or need a part-timer from Vendors and contractors to complete a pending job? You can invite a Guest Inspector to do the much-needed inspection without needing him or her to download the app.



A bird's-eye view for Holistic Management

Inspection Reports and move-out Reports

Minimize the probability of disputes with tenants with automatic generation and dispatch of detailed inspection and move-out reports, facilitating the inspection team and tenant to be on the same page regarding the condition of property.


Flawless Remote Access with Enterprise Features

Add comments and tag relevant people. Only authorized individuals can create, access and edit the recorded pics and videos of inspections. Integrated single sign-on (SSO) capabilities will allow you to deploy the app for your enterprise.


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