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Top class application maintenance and support services

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Discover Unmatched Quality in Our all-Inclusive App Support and Maintenance

Our advanced mobile application maintenance and support for peak performance and efficiency, featuring a comprehensive, improvement-focused approach. Here are some key features of our services:

Access to Our Advanced Application Maintenance & Support Services

Amplework offers advanced application support services to optimize the performance of your complex mobile applications with the latest APIs, ensuring top-class productivity and streamlined business operations.

Amplework’s Targeted Activities For Application Maintenance Support Services

We’re the app master - no more app-lags

  • Tested & Verified In-House Activities.
  • Result-Oriented Functions.
  • Several Stages Checking Process.

Bugs & Glitch Removal


Remote Product Maintenance


Load Testing


Performance Oversight


Quality Checks


Version Enhancements


Tech Troubleshooting


User-Focused Support

Keep Your Applications Always Shine

Types of Apps We Maintain At Amplework Software

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Let's Get Your App in Shape - Let The Maintenance Magic Begins

Connect with Amplework to experience the expert maintenance solutions for your applications, software and all the tech products. We deliver best-in-class industry solutions to clients for maintenance services.

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Suffering from the high cost of software maintenance?

Our in-house support matrix and best-in-industry prices will resultant in cost reduction by 30% to 40%.

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Suffering from slow and glitchy software updates?

For enhance UX by 4x, we roll out updates at a regular interval of 3-5 weeks as a part of CI/CD implementation.

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Need profound resources for program visibility?

We incorporate in-house KPIs for improving software visibility and maintaining clarity at all levels.

Fascinating Benefits of Application Maintenance and Support Services

Time to empower your mind with the fascinating benefits of application maintenance and support services. So, get ready to empower your mobile application growth with these foremost benefits. These benefits will also support you in developing profound strategies and tactics.

Upwards App Performance

When your application gets frequent maintenance at a consistent interval then it eventually follows upwards growth.


Security Management

Data security measures keep evolving to eliminate counterfeit measures - so make your apps profound with security management.


Data Management

User’s data is the most precious asset for your business and consistent maintenance empowers data management functions.


Reduced Tech Debts

By addressing issues and making updates in a timely manner, you can avoid accumulating technical issues.


Our Numbers Speaks For Our Business Operations

We don’t compromise on the quality aspects thus it makes us the leading application development maintenance and support service provider. We resolve even the most severe incidents in less than 8 hours.

Searching For A Dedicated Service Partner, Not Just A Service Provider?

Our clients generated more than $50 million in revenues by creating seamless mobile applications that run without any bugs or glitches. Thus, we continue to upgrade our services to support clients in generating higher revenue for operations.

  • checked_icon Personalized business services.
  • checked_icon Advanced practices for DevOps.
  • checked_icon Proficiency in AI/ML/Blockchain Solutions.
  • checked_icon Exclusive support for digital transformation.
  • checked_icon Large scale & complex app building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application support and maintenance functions are crucial for ensuring business’s critical applications should run smoothly without any issues. By enabling application support & maintenance services, you can ensure the fully secure and stable running of applications.

We have our own in-house tools as well as third-party tools to provide application maintenance services. Under our best practices, we ensure competent documentation, creating scenarios to test the results, implement feedback for quick results and many more.

We’re the leading application maintenance services company because we ensure to rectify even the major & complex bugs under 8 hours. Apart from this, our professionals work 24*7 to deliver timely solutions.

We keep updating or eliminating tools for reporting issues as per the market scenario. Currently, we are utilizing advanced tools - such as: IBM Cognos Analytics, Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting, Microsoft Office Suite, Zoho Analytics and many more.

The cost of operations entirely depends upon various scenarios such as - complexity of the application, the level of support needed and many more factors.

Yes, if you are developing your application from us then we offer a free time window to a specific time in which clients can ask for any kind of maintenance services. Although, even if you want to take our services separately then we will be able to provide you certain services at a specific cost.

An emergency can arised at any time, thus our dedicated team members work 24*7 to support clients by delivering profound business solutions in an effective way.

We primarily uses “SLACK” to communicate with clients and we keep clients aware with all the real-time updates.

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