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Hire dedicated developers or resources from Amplework to reduce the overall development costs and ensure work delivery in the given stipulated time.

Frequently Asked Questions
How skilled are your dedicated developers?

At Amplework, we feature a team of highly skilled and experienced dedicated developers having several years of expertise in the field of mobile app development solutions.

What is the ideal working time of the dedicated resource?

Ideally, our team of dedicated developers are open to working from 10 am to 7 pm IST. At the same time, the timings can be adjusted for a couple of hours –based on the time zone and the given project.

Who will be the owner of the code developed by the dedicated developers?

We always grant full ownership of the codes developed by our team of dedicated developers to the clients.

What is going to be the minimum duration of the contract?

There is no minimum duration of the contract. You can hire or even terminate the resource that you hire within the period of 30 days.

What will be the terms of payment?

As a client, you are required to pay 50 percent of the estimated project amount in advance for the respective billing cycle of the contract (usually at the start of every month). The rest 50 percent of the amount can be paid after the completion of the entire billing cycle.

Will there be a requirement to train the team?

No. All our dedicated developers are highly qualified and trained in the given field to deliver optimum results for any app development project. As soon as you hire our team of dedicated developers, they will start working upon the project right away –based on the unique requirements of the given app development project. At Amplework, we provide our dedicated resources in-depth training to ensure that their app development skills remain updated on a regular basis.

Is there a limit on the number of projects that can be assigned to the dedicated developers?

No. You can hire dedicated developers from Amplework and assign them as many projects as possible. Depending on the deadline, our dedicated developers will prioritize the work for you.

In case I am not satisfied, can I switch the resources?

Client satisfaction is our ultimate motive. Therefore, we ensure complete authority and transparency to our clients when it comes to switching resources in case they are not satisfied with the results.