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IoT Development Industries - A Revolution in Every Industry


Retail & ECommerce

Amplework provides reliable IoT solutions for merchant fulfillment functions to commence hassle-free digitalized tracking of the products with IoT Solutions.


Manufacturing Industry-Based Solutions

Utilize IoT to monitor your production levels and get rid of unnecessary wastage during your production activities.


Fin-Tech Industry

With IoT-based solutions, the finance industry can create a new range of services in wealth management functions, advisory functions, insurance activities and many more.


Travel & Tourism

With Our full-cycle IoT mobile application development solutions, you can create a centralized platform so that customers can commence automatic check-in and check-out functions .


Logistics & Transport

With our aim of increasing the ROI and facilitating day-to-day workflows, we provide effective IoT application development for logistics & transportation.


IoT in Municipal functions

Clean and sustainable environment for citizens by developing the smart cities. Utilize IoT for developing smart cities, security & monitoring through RFID tags.


Healthcare Solutions

Outsource IoT development to Amplework and get advanced e-healthcare solutions for patient management, e-wearable devices and many more.


Agricultural Solutions

IoT in agriculture empower for monitoring crops, mapping the fields and agricultural surveys. Effectively conduct farm operations through IoT.

IoT Development Process at Amplework Software

We follow the agile methodology-based development journey for creating personalized IoT solutions to help you in accomplishing your project goals.


Define the Problem

The first step in any IoT development project is to clearly define the problem that needs to be solved or the opportunity that needs to be addressed.


Hardware & Software Requirements

Identify the hardware and software requirements needed to address the problem. Like selecting sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, etc.


System Architecture Design

Design the system architecture to ensure seamless integration of hardware and software components. It works together to achieve the desired outcome.


Firmware & Software Development

Once the firmware and software have been developed, we integrate with the hardware components to create a functional IoT system.


Integration and Testing

Integrate the hardware and software components and thoroughly tested the system to ensure that it works as intended and meets the requirements.


Deployment and Maintenance

After the system has been tested and validated, Deploy the system and maintain it to ensure that it continues to function properly and meet the client's needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App & Web Development Company

Blockchain App Development Services

Amplework provides an effective solution for the requirements we get from the client.

We work on molding your idea into our solutions for fulfilling all your requirements. We develop apps that are unique in many technical terms, we cherish ourselves being techy.

The cost of developing IoT solutions is entirely dependent on your requirements and the specific functionalities that you want to be included.

The cost of developing IoT solutions is entirely dependent on your requirements and the specific functionalities that you want to be included.

Yes, our developers are familiar with all the technologies, frameworks and languages. So, it does not matter whether your business uses web 2.0 operations or web 3.0 operations - we will create IoT solutions within any existing technology.

The process of IoT development is highly complex and many stages need to be addressed. So, it is better to hand over the operations of IoT by outsourcing it. Although, outsourcing will be less costly for you rather than developing IoT operations through in-house team members.

  • IoT Consultancy
  • IoT Smart Home or Office Services
  • IoT App and Web Development
  • IoT Data Analytics
  • IoT Cloud Services
  • IoT User Experience

We are known in the industry for delivering timely and robust solutions. However, we can commit to the exact time only after analyzing your requirements. Our project managers conduct a detail analysis of the client’s requirements to finalize a project deadline.

For data security and compliance activities, we take use of firewalls, data masking tools, encryption techniques, 2-factor authentication methods and many more. Although, we are ISO Certified company so you can rely on us with complete trust.

  • Microsoft Azure IoT.
  • Eclipse IoT.
  • Open SCADA.
  • Arduino IoT Cloud.

We incorporate vast experience in the integration of IoT solutions in diverse business operations. All our developers hold degrees from renowned educational councils and certifications. We are an ISO-certified organization and always work by analyzing the primary intent of our clients. So, select us and experience a hassle-free journey.

Amplework Software has been operating since 2016 in the USA Market. Thus, our policies are transparent and we state all the charges to the clients in advance. We believe in forming long-term relationships with our clients and unlike our competitors, we do not bring any hidden charges.