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About Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin, one of the most renowned fitness tracker apps offers rewards, depending on your daily step count in the form of a next-generation unique currency. Allowing them to redeem their earned coins to purchase their desired inventories or donate them to charity. Highlighting the value of physical activity to lead healthier lives while contributing to their fitness.

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How Amplework Has Crafted an Engaging Fitness Tracking Rewards App

With an innovative idea and different identity, that is “Stepcoin” they approached us intending to create an app based on the smart contract system and activity tracker and rewarding app for their users. With a scalable and secure backend architecture to maintain the accumulated points of users and maintain their history.

Understanding all their concerns and requirements our experts started working on the research followed by their rebranding that is Sweatcoin. After that, we facilitated crafting a cross-platform mobile application based on the Flutter framework.

Our Structural Workflow


Requirement Analysis & Research






Testing & Implementation


Support & Maintenance

Structural Workflow

Amplework’s Innovation Journey With Sweatcoin

With the motive to shape this innovative idea into a top-notch live solution, we have invested our promised time and efforts in dedicatedly working on this project. Getting a start from understanding their actual requirements to developing a solution that not only meets but exceeds their requirements. We indulged all our expertise and knowledge base in designing, developing, testing, and deploying Sweatcoin’s mobile apps, implementing features like smart contracts, secure and efficient backend, and engaging frontend and wearable device integration, ensuring the seamless user experience for their clients.