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Artificial intelligence has played a great role in improving interaction of devices with mankind. This can be attested by various developments such as voice recognition, control of machines among others. There is rapid growth of virtual assistants in the entire ecosystem. Our team is always at its best to cope up with these developments in order to provide quality and optimal solutions. We are able to integrate voice assistants such as Siri and Cortana into an App.

How to include a voice assistant in a mobile App

Your app needs the following three ways to understand your verbal language and be able to hold a conversation:

Each and every method is very crucial in realizing a voice assistant app. Apple and Google are very reluctant in offering their voice assistants to third-party developers. In addition, the existing voice assistants may not meet all of your expectations. Each method is associated with various benefits and risks. Below is a deep look at all approaches.

3 surefire solutions

The best virtual assistants and how they are integrated into an app

The mostly used assistant apps are Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

Below are more details regarding these three voice assistants and why they are preferred by majority of users.

How to build your own voice assistant?

If you intend to create your own Siri or Google assistant, make sure you possess required skills and use the following basic technologies.

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