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Frequently Asked Questions
What is staff augmentation service?

Staff augmentation is an adaptable outsourcing technique that empowers you to employ technically trained staff to join the team. You can cut or expand your augmented team depending upon the contractual agreement. IT staff augmentation service providers will assist you with adding the talented specialized person to your in-house development group either on a short or a long term basis. The vendors employ the resources; hence the cost for the hiring and liabilities is easily managed. Therefore the authentic employee hired through the project outsourcing service providers will be dedicated to one team for that specific project needs.

How staff augmentation service is a proven model?

Many companies utilize a blend of service providers, contingent upon their needs. At the point when you are thinking about staff augmentation, the most significant thing is to figure out what you are trying to accomplish and what is profitable for your business.

For instance, if you are searching for a specialist in AI (most demanded skill), hiring cost and functional setup will be unreasonable. Similarly, if you are looking for 100 individuals for carrying out one task, you may not need highly skilled staffs. But consider if you are hiring minimal team members with the responsibility to continue projects effectively through staff augmentation process. They are well-trained, highly qualified professionals who will be available at a different level of expertise. With a full scope of staff augmentation models, you get access to the desired employees.

What are the types of staff augmentation?

Commodity – In a commodity-driven organization, you need reliable workers for performing the tasks on the specific skill set — for example, data management and digitization.

Skill-based – There is a specific skill required to be employed in the company. They are already trained with a particular skill set. However, this is not a critical position. For example Data processing, copywriting, or any transaction works.

Specialists – The employees here are highly skilled with advanced knowledge and functional ability. They are attainable; however, they need to be mastered and have the capacity to assist others. Based on the experience, the level of skills may vary — for example, Brand strategy, Software development.

How can the final product be guaranteed?

The vendor will comprehend your interests with regards to staffing needs, as it is one of the primary factors that can influence the overall success of the project. The zero hazard risk factor, perfect layout, workflow documentation and clean code are the essential criteria to process the application in staff augmentation organizations. Even though they are appointed through the vendors, they still pursue the commitment and guarantee scalable results.