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Golang is also referred to as Go. It is an open source programming language which was introduced by Google in 2009. It is used in web development due to its ease to use. It offers a variety of features such as scalability, static typing and garbage collection.

Amplework Software gives you access to a pool of experts in Golang development who will help in solving your web development needs. Our Golang developers have comprehensive knowledge of Golang development. They use a practiced approach in building cloud-based applications. Our main service involves building best in-class enterprise apps to all business organizations.

We have a team of expert Golang web developers to serve modern tech-savvy clients by bidding on the challenges of their bespoken requirements. We are the leading providers of Golang Web Development Services. We have built our strong reputation in provision of Golang Web solutions and we have helped many companies to access top-level services to cater for their project needs.

Benefits of using Golang

Using Golang as your programming language leads to a variety of advantages which makes your applications more productive and highly functional. These benefits include:


Easy to compile

A programming language which is easy to compile. It is easy to compile and does not require CLR or JVM to run the application.


Cross-platform compilation

Scripts developed in Go has made cross-platform compilation easier as it creates implementable binaries for various Operating Systems.


Garbage collection

Go allows automatic memory management which helps in the development of interfaces which are simple and provide control over the entire management.


Easy deployment

Easy deployment of codes and check errors. When using Go, programs are converted into machine codes which are in turn converted to executable files.


Efficient Memory management

Golang has a garbage collector that automatically frees up memory, making it easy for developers to write efficient code that doesn't waste memory.


Built-in concurrency support

It is easy to write concurrent code in Golang because it has built-in concurrency support. It has high concurrent processing and request capacity.


Maintenance & Performance

Go allows compilation of large and complex programs in much less time and has an easy code which makes maintenance easier.


Access of rich library

Go language has a rich source of libraries which has a wide coverage. This helps in development of fully functional applications.

Amplework provide Golang development services

At Amplework, we provide unparalleled Golang development services to achieve your software development objectives. Our dedicated team delivers efficient results within the set timeframe for your project.


Concurrent Golang Development

Hire Golang weeb developers team to build robust concurrent applications, simplifying multithreading with ease.


Golang App Development

Leverage our custom Golang app development services to create scalable, secure cross-platform applications within your budget and timeline.


Full-stack Golang Development

Our Golang web programmers are proficient in frontend and backend frameworks, web technologies, and command-line tools, providing comprehensive full-stack solutions.


Golang Cloud and Network Service

Hire certified Go developers to explore Golang's potential in web development. Rapidly launch complex network services and cloud-based solutions using Go channels and Goroutines.


Golang Migration and Upgradation

Our Golang developers offer reliable migration and upgradation services, ensuring your applications remain up-to-date with the latest technology trends and market demands.


Golang Support and Maintenance

Partner with our expert team of Golang programmers to receive proactive support and maintenance services, Keep software free from potential bugs, errors, and other vulnerabilities.

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Our engagement models are designed to effectively tailor to the requirements of our clients. Through our three engagement model types (full-time, part-time, and monthly), you can optimize your time and business resources.

Companies use Golang for web and mobile app development?

Go has become the preferred language for cloud infrastructure applications, with leading organizations across various industries adopting it for their development needs. Here are some companies that use Golang for developing web and mobile applications:


Our Technology Stack at Amplework

At Amplework, a top Golang development company, we focus on powering various software, applications, and services with the help of modern tools and technologies.

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With a streamlined process that includes screening, shortlisting, interviewing, and onboarding candidates from our bench, we guarantee to deliver the right candidate for your business. you can easily find and hire Swift developers in no time.

Our 4-step hiring process to get you going


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Onboarding the Resource

Hire Amplework's Golang Developers for Fast Web Solutions

With a 4.7 rating on Clutch, Amplework is the perfect choice for businesses looking to hire remote Golang developers. Our developers can build modern, functional, and fast web solutions that drive business efficiency and keep you ahead of the curve. Contact Amplework today to hire dedicated Golang developers for your next project.

Our developers possess expertise in the latest programming languages and industry practices, including GORM, Graphql, MongoDB, SQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, Godep, Revel, Stringer, and code versioning tools like Git, SVN, and Mercurial. With our Golang developers for hire, you can expect modern, functional, and fast web solutions that drive business efficiency and keep you ahead of the curve.

  • 15-Day Risk-free Trial
  • Transparent Development Process
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • 100% in-house Development Team
  • Cost-efficient and Fast to Launch
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Strict NDAs Signed & Privacy
  • Powerful Data Security

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amplework's Golang development team consists of highly experienced developers with a minimum of 4+ years of industry experience. Our rigorous hiring process ensures that we have access to the top 1% of developers in the industry, guaranteeing that we provide you with only the best talent for your project needs.

Yes, Amplework provides a 15-day risk-free trial period when we start working with you. This period allows you to assess our developers and their working styles. If you are satisfied with our work, you can continue working with us. However, if you are not satisfied, you can call it quits without any obligations or risks.

Golang is a versatile language that can be used for a wide range of projects, including web applications, network programming, system tools, and more.

Amplework offers a team of highly experienced Golang developers who are well-versed in the latest programming languages and industry practices. We provide quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that meet your project needs.

Yes, you can hire a dedicated Golang developer on a part-time basis at Amplework, based on your project requirements.

Our Golang developers work closely with you to understand your project requirements, provide regular updates, and adhere to strict deadlines to ensure that your project is on track and within budget.

Yes, you can hire a Golang developer for a short-term project at Amplework, based on your project requirements.

We provide regular progress reports and updates to keep you informed about the status of your project.

Yes, we offer post-development support to ensure that your project runs smoothly after delivery.

The cost of hiring a Golang developer depends on various factors, such as project requirements, duration, and complexity. Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific project needs.