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Advanced Field Sales Automation App Development Services for Your Business


Unlocking Potential, Connecting with Customers: Field Sales & Services

At Amplework Software, we're passionate about delivering cutting-edge field sales automation app development solutions that enable your enterprise to achieve top-tier sales productivity and maximum ROI. Our expert team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive field service management software solution that empowers sales teams to effortlessly track, measure, monitor, and improve a wide range of field-based activities, including field staff management service.

With our enterprise-grade, custom-built, on-premise field automation and management solutions, we'll ensure your unique business requirements are met. Our solutions streamline field staff management service, from resource allocation and scheduling to task assignment, time tracking, and data entry, making your field service operations more efficient and cost-effective.

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Transforming Field Sales Across Multiple Industries

Amplework provides customizable field service management software solutions for multiple industries, empowering sales representatives and field marketing professionals. Our powerful sales management software, developed by experienced professionals, streamlines field sales tasks and helps businesses focus on core aspects. We also generate accurate reports, advanced dashboards, and enable effective communication with customers while managing costs.

Our software automates field sales activities, streamlining tasks like journey planning, resource allocation, note-taking, customer meetings, and report sending. It simplifies daily tasks, ensures timely completion, and enhances customer experience. Our app empowers managers to access real-time data and stay connected with the sales team 24/7. Amplework Software is dedicated to deliver innovative field sales solutions that's both innovative and effective. Contact us today to learn more!

Features of Our Sales Management Software Solution

Amplework's feature-rich sales management software streamlines operations and maximizes ROI. Our app provides comprehensive on-premise field sales solutions with exclusive features for effective staff management.

Planning the Sales or Service

You can create and track the respective journey plans while setting targets for the sales representatives based on a specific region or product.

Tracking the Targets

Ensure maximum transparency in the targets with the help of regular notifications for boosting the overall achievement of sales and marketing.

Ensuring Expense Tracking

The software solution helps in managing all the day-to-day field sales expenses at a single location. Review and approve reports effortlessly with a single click.

Product Cataloging

Allowing you to manage the wide range of products digitally while enabling sales representatives to access the available products as well as pricing.

Workflow Automation

By automating routine tasks, you can prioritize your workload more effectively and ensure timely follow-ups with prospects and customers.

Tracking the Sales Representatives

The innovative and efficient field staff tracking app solution effectively aids in tracking the respective sales staff on the interactive map feature of the app.

Optimize Field Sales: Harness Advanced Management Softwares

Types of field sales management software, each designed & developed to cater to specific needs and industries. Some common types include:

Get access to the perfect companion for your field sales workforce

Our mobile-based field sales management solution empowers your workforce with increased confidence and accuracy. Designed by experienced developers, our app ensures seamless connectivity and data flow between the back office and field agents.


Task Dashboard

Using the advanced task dashboard, the field representatives can view the day-to-day tasks on the mobile screen while planning its execution accordingly.


Location Sharing

The app helps in capturing real-time GPS-enabled coordinates of the respective staff while allowing you to supervise the field sales tasks accurately.


Expense Management

We take pride in delivering a simplified employee expense management process with the help of innovative digital submissions of the claims.


Customer Call Center

Tickets get quickly logged in as vital customer details get extracted as well updated with no requirement of accessing confidential customer’s information.


Log Meeting Notes

After each meeting, automatically remind agents to record meeting notes. Utilize intelligent geo-tracking and activity monitoring to establish these reminders.


Reporting & Insights

Make the most of the professional field sales team by getting access to detailed reports and insights from the app’s dashboard on a daily basis.

Benefits of Our Professional Field Staff Management Solutions

Amplework is experienced and qualified in delivering compelling field sales management software development solutions. Our solutions offer numerous benefits, ensuring an efficient and productive sales order management experience. Some of the potential benefits that you can look forward to receiving from our sales order management software solution are:

01 crucial information from anywhere, with customizable sales fields preventing data errors.

02 Accessing all pertinent information on a unified platform, greatly aiding lead conversions.

03 Save time with auto-generated reports, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

01 Tracking staff availability, leave as well as expense management through a single software solution –thus saving money as well as time

02 Ensuring the timely delivery of prompt responses and efficient appointment management.

03 Providing real-time information on the staff jobs, staff availability, and efficiency with the help of a single dashboard.

01 Providing insights and analytics through automated utilization of data –leading to improved business processes.

02 Engaging customers with the help of a mobile-based field sales automation solution that also aims at simplifying the overall work of field sales representatives.

03 Improving the overall savings and maximizing business ROI with the help of better resource allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Streamline Field Staff Management

Our advanced field staff management solution empowers your organization to optimize operations, track performance, and boost productivity. With a user-friendly interface and real-time data insights, you can effortlessly manage your mobile workforce, ensure timely task completion, and improve overall service quality.

Field staff management services are perfect for businesses with field sales or service teams in industries like healthcare, retail, construction, or transportation. They cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Field staff management services enhance productivity by automating and streamlining numerous manual tasks in managing field sales or service teams. They offer real-time job progress updates, simplify data entry, and optimize scheduling and resource allocation.

Absolutely, our expert team can collaborate with you to create a customized solution that fits your unique requirements and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Yes, they are designed with a clean, intuitive interface, making them easy to use. We also provide training and support to ensure your team can quickly adapt to the system.

We take security and data privacy very seriously, designing our system with multiple layers of security to safeguard your data and maintain its confidentiality.

By automating tasks like scheduling, data entry, and reporting, field staff management services minimize errors, enhance efficiency, and boost overall productivity, saving your business time and money.

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