How OTT Platforms can Outweigh Movie Theatres

There is no qualm in accepting this fact that a night with your kith or kin to watch a movie is really expensive. A 1000 rupee is a very nominal amount. On the other side, you can get a subscription of many OTT platforms within this amount to watch a myriad of movies, web series, sports tournaments, and other shows. In this 4G era, now most of the mobile users are having good internet connectivity and have the enthusiasm to take every leverage of it. Hence, companies have started looking out to opt for mobile application development too. In recent years, a lot of web series has entertained the audience, probably much more on their movie counterparts.

OTT Platforms

Also, the OTT platforms are not only inexpensive but provide entertainment with quite less hassle, you can easily watch the content on your smartphone, laptop, smart TV, or any other device. Due to this popularity, many mobile application developers have begun to provide OTT development services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar, etc. Probably, there would be a time that instead of getting ready & going out to watch a movie will get obsolete and instead just step onto your couch or bed and binge watch on Netflix.

Now even the movie producers feel that faster broadband, cheaper smart TV sets, and proliferation of video streaming services will have an impact on the film industry in general and multiplexes in particular. That’s how the OTT platforms are bringing revolution to the entertainment industry. With a 360° transformation to the industry, they have made entertainment accessible to everyone to enjoy it anytime from anywhere.

What is an OTT platform?

An Over-The-Top platform refers to a media streaming service directly to the viewers utilizing the internet which acts as a distributor of such content. The users have the choice to select and watch videos at their preferred time instead of watching them when they are broadcasted.

An IPTV (internet protocol television) system is used to stream videos to the customers’ TV and personal computers. IPTV system allows the delivery of video content using IP by a packet-switched network like the internet rather than cable or satellite. Therefore, you don’t require to download a full-video and instead can watch it before it fully gets load. This process is called video streaming.

How COVID Outbreak can help the OTT platforms in increasing their presence?

As several governments of different countries have announced a lockdown amidst coronavirus outbreak, a complete population of the countries is staying at the home for avoiding social gatherings. Many companies have given work from home to their employees. The cinema halls have closed during this lockdown, and people now depend on their television, mobiles and of course the internet for their entertainment. This offers new opportunities to the OTT players such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and others to increase their viewership on their platforms.

There are nearly 30 OTT platforms and 10 music streaming apps to cater to various entertainment and media demands. Henceforth, Indians are getting prone to consume content across different digital formats and platforms. Recently, Disney’s OTT platform “Disney plus” arrived in India with Hotstar ahead of its scheduled date.

Here are some statistics related to OTT platforms in India:

  • Hotstar is one of the most downloaded apps in India with over 400 million downloads. It registers twice the number of installs and thrice consumption in 2019 in comparison to 2018.
  • As per Netflix, 70 percent of subscribers watch at least one movie within a week in India.
  • In the fiscal year 2018, the OTT market in India was worth ₹2,150 crore

This OTT business is slowing eating the TV cable business in India. There was a decline of nearly 12-15 million active subscribers for the cable & satellite universe in the fourth quarter (Q4) of the financial year 2019, said the report. Are you looking to launch your own OTT mobile application, then we at Amplework can provide you with the best mobile application development services suitable for your custom requirements. Amplework is a top-notch mobile development company with proficiency and good-name in providing mobile app development services.

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