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Ensure Data Security and Advanced User Experience Through HIPAA Compliance Mobile App Development Solutions

HIPAA compliance is known to cover four major rules –privacy, security, breach notification, and enforcement. As a reliable builder of top-class HIPAA-compliant healthcare mobile apps, the team is well-aware of the ins and outs of the specific app development requirements. With the presence of in-depth knowledge in the given industry, our expertise lies in balancing the restrictive requirements with the help of a clean, simple-to-use interface.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you need HIPAA?

For ensuring that your healthcare industry remains compliant with the latest industry trends, it is important to ensure that you go for advanced HIPAA-compliant mobile application development solutions.

Any healthcare unit that is electronically processing, storing, transmitting, or receiving medical records needs HIPAA compliance.

What is HIPAA PHI (Patient Health Information)?

Information that is collected out of a patient in the healthcare industry is stored in the form of PHI. PHI is referred to as the subset of PII (Personal Identifying Information). HIPAA PHI is HIPAA compliant Patient Health Information.

What information is protected by HIPAA?

HIPAA regulation is known to identify the security as well as privacy standards that help in safeguarding the PHI. You can make use of our advanced HIPAA-compliant mobile app development solutions!