Why Voice Commerce can be the next big thing in E-commerce?

In the last decade, the advent of AI has transformed anything mediocre into an intelligent device. Yes, AI is continuously evolving and with the evolution of voice assistants, things are getting more exciting. Devices and software like Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, and Microsoft’s Cortana are just a few epitomes of voice assistants who have gained wide popularity. Just using your voice you can hail a cab, call a friend, send a message, play songs, and most importantly, can do e-commerce activities.

Voice Commerce

As per a Google report, 72% of users who are having voice assistants say that their devices are often used as part of their daily routine.

What is Voice Commerce?

Voice Commerce is like an alternative of keyboards and mouse for ordering and purchasing items online. The customer can search and buy things using voice commands by a voice assistant like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa­- and, definitely your voice. Now, using the voice assistants you can’t only find the product itself but can also order it.

Voice commerce will let you purchase the products faster and can be done anytime through the day, even while having a bath if your voice assistant can hear you.

The three main reasons why voice application design and development is getting a boost is due to its attraction towards consumers. What customers like the most are?

  • It is hands-free
  • You can do voice commerce while doing other things
  • It is quite faster to get answers and results

How does it work?

For purchasing using online voice technology, you need to have a smartphone or a smart speaker or a virtual assistant. Currently, popular brands of smart speakers are using voice-controlled virtual assistants are Amazon Echo (powered by Alexa) and Google Home (powered by Google Assistant).

Now if you have Amazon Alexa, you need to say “Alexa, order” and then the product name you wish to buy. If the product is available, Alexa will tell you the product price and then will ask you to buy the product. If you replied yes, then Alexa will place the order, and if negative, then Alexa may give you other options.

Due to such advance features Alexa application development services and other voice assistant app development services are gaining a lot of popularity.

Features of Voice Commerce:

1. Regular Patrons Enjoy Automated Support:

The interesting thing of voice-activated purchases is that this gives good results to those customers who regularly visit your store, and probably will not imply to the first-time buyers. When a customer visits your first time, they are required to share their personal details, like their contact and banking information. Moving further, for purchase to happen, it is important that the buyer’s habit, personal information, and their voices are acquired. In order to make the process automated to the maximum extent, it is important to have a clear catch of what the user is and their habits are.

2. Unique Purchase Experience:

It is vital that a customer gets a different and unique purchase experience when he visits your store, and it should impress them. If you note customer’s shopping behavior, such as the customer is purchasing the same item, using the same banking method, and delivering it to the same address, you can use this behavior pattern for giving prior suggestions, which will make the shopping journey quite smooth.

You can also purchase frequencies, product measurements, and even personal preferences for guiding voice-activated purchases which makes the shopping faster, efficient, and reliable.

Voice commerce comes with many benefits for your online store. Therefore, if you are looking for the best voice assistant app development services then you must consult Amplework, the best voice apps development company.

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