Streamline your Cab Operations with Uber-Like Taxi Solutions

Standing on the pavement of the road and shouting for “Taxi” has become an obsolete tradition. It has become a thing of the past when people used to wait for the taxi. Now the cab or taxi mobile applications like Uber are ruling the market.

Uber-Like Taxi Solutions

Regardless of whatever is the size of your business, the vision of it must be to grow. However, Uber-Like taxi solutions like Uber has almost saturated the market, but there is always a place for a new business or startup who can provide better services than its counterpart. Hence for standing up in the market, you are required to focus on your on-demand taxi app development like Uber. You need to focus on all the essential features during the mobile application development and should come with an extraordinary solution.

To streamline the cab operations you need to hire a mobile app development company that can provide you the best services in on-demand taxi app development. In this article, we are going to mention all the necessary features that should be included in a cab app along with its benefits. Before moving to features, let’s talk about the benefits first.

Benefits of Uber-like Taxi Solutions:

1. Real-time location tracking:

Safety is every person’s first priority whether they are traveling in a cab or their loved ones are on a journey. Real-time location tracking is the foremost benefit of online Uber-Like taxi solutions. Firstly, the drivers know the exact place of pick-up. The customer can also determine how much time the driver will take for reaching your location and the most important thing is that you can share the live location of your journey to your kith or kin. And how it is beneficial? Because safety from your side will turn loyalty from the customer side and a loyal customer will also bring more customers to use your app.

2. Better Visibility:

You must have noticed that the term “Uber” is often replaceable with the taxi or cab, as Uber has got a lot of visibility in the market. Hence, if you also require to have visibility in the market, you need to provide users with what they want and that is a cab booking application.

But the main point of focus is that you need to exhibit all the necessary features of a cab booking application in your solution. Tourists instead of relying on local cabs prefer online taxi booking applications for their journeys.

3. Passengers data collection:

In today’s time, data is the new gold. If you are investing in the data, you are definitely going to make profits. If you are developing an on-demand taxi app development, it is going to help you in collecting the required information of your passengers such as their name, email id, contact number, location, journey distance, etc.

You can use this information further for providing notifications to the customer, personalized offers, etc.

4. Uber-Like Taxi Solutions Feedback:

How can you improve your app when you don’t know what your customers require? You need to get feedback from your customers, what are their complaints and what features you can include. It will help in the overall improvement of your application. Reviews & Ratings have often described the credibility of an application.

If the reviews & ratings are good, it implies that your strategy is working well and if vice versa, then you need to know what went wrong, and should immediately take counter-steps.

5. Drivers Efficiency Checking:

With the reviews & rating features to the driver, you can get an overview of the driver’s performance. By using an app you can track the performance and the efficiency of the driver through the feedback. There are instances where the driver doesn’t go to pick the customer and the customer is charged for the driver’s mistake, in such a case, the feedback can help you in knowing the truth and helping the customer.

So these were a few of the benefits that you can get from your own taxi application development. Now let’s talk about the features. There are 3 main entities in a taxi mobile application:

  • Rider or Passenger
  • Driver
  • Admin Panel

5. Rider Features:

  • Advance Booking: Advance booking can make your app distinguishable from traditional taxi application. The customers should allow booking cabs in advance for a meeting, flight, or a date.
  • Special Requests: If possible you can include a special note or request feature for the passengers, such as arrangements for an elder or disabled person, or there is a newborn baby with them.
  • Save Destination: For a better customer experience include a feature of saving location for those customers who travel across the same locations multiple times such as from Home to Office, or Market, or School.
  • Feedback & Ratings: Passengers can share their valuable feedback and thus you can improve your services accordingly.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Apart from cash, include payment methods which are in trend and are easy to access for customers such as Paytm, Google Pay, Phonepe, or you can also implement your own wallet.

Features for Driver:

  • Real-time Request: The drivers will get requests as per their convenient location and can also take off by going offline.
  • Ratings & Reviews: Ratings & reviews shouldn’t be limited to customers but the driver can also give feedback for the customer’s behavior. This data will help later to serve your customers wisely.
  • Emergency Contacts: There should be a feature in which the driver would be able to contact an emergency easily and share its live-location by just a single click.
  • Driver’s Dashboard: The driver should have complete data of how much distance they have covered, along with the number of rides, and the amount they have earned on their dashboard.

Features for the Admin Panel:

  • Trips Assignment: Assigning trips of the passenger to the nearby driver
  • Fare Management: It covers all the methods and ways of managing fare for the customer as well as for the driver.
  • Driver Commission: It is a sub-part of fare management in which the driver will get a commission as per the distance and number of rides
  • Admin Reports: The admin will get all the reports of the rides, distance, and other information.
  • Customer Grievances: It covers all the complaints or issues raised by customers.
  • Vehicle Management: It includes the complete fleet of cars to be managed by the admin.

There can be many other features as per your customization requests.

How to look for a cab/taxi app development company? You should hire a mobile development company which is having previous experience of developing an on-demand taxi app development. At Amplework, we are having expert mobile application developers who will meet all your requirements precisely.

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