Quantum Cloud Computing: All you need to know

“Quantum”, the word you must have heard in your school time while studying physics, has now extended its roots to our technical world as well. You must have heard about the cloud computing in which the information & data is stored on the cloud servers, however, quantum cloud computing is a bit different from the classical computing in the way information is stored.

Quantum Cloud Computing

It is based on the laws & fundamentals of quantum physics, which leverages the quantum physics principles including quantum physics properties of atom or sub-atoms. Currently, the computer giant IBM company provides a quantum computer. They allow free access to anyone who wishes to use their 5 qubit machine. Earlier this year they installed a 17 qubit machine. So far over 40,000 users have taken advantage of their online service to run experiments. Probably, Google would be the next to provide a quantum cloud computer within some years with 49 qubits.

Why Quantum Computers?

Quantum computers are based on the principle of quantum physics and have the potential of resolving queries such as structural problems of solids, molecules, atoms, and even sub-atomic particles. These quantum computers work on quantum bits called qubits, because of the astonishing property of quantum states.

What are Qubits?

Now, you must be scratching your head about this term qubits. Let us help in understanding you. A qubit is a short form for quantum bits. In a traditional computer, the data is stored in the transistors which hold the information in a single form either ‘1’or ‘0’, while in a quantum computer the data is stored in qubits. A qubit can exist in two states simultaneously. This process is known as superposition. So a qubit can have a value of 1, 0, or some value between. Two qubits can hold even more values. Hence, more the number of qubits more will be the power of the quantum computer.

What is Quantum Cloud Computing?

Quantum cloud computing is simply the power of computers delivering by quantum mechanics through the underlying cloud platform.

Cloud computing has started to offer quantum services along with other cloud products. It is offering access to quantum processing hardware to AI researchers and science labs. The quantum computers come with reversible computation on many different queries simultaneously, they have the potential to do many powerful processes in comparison to a single processing unit performing parallel processing on classical computers. It can help the machine learning, cryptography, chemistry, and medicines reach the next level of the stage.

Quantum Cloud Computing Future:

Quantum computing has the potential to play an important role in future information processing. Artificial intelligence researchers and other scientists are experimenting with quantum computers, using a chip that can generate qubits. These qubits can take 10 states or more for creating powerful computers. In the future, quantum computers will come up with more than 300 qubits that will leapfrog computing capacity and take problem-solving to the next level in all spheres.

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