Industry Getting Disrupted Due to the Blockchain

Blockchain technology has become a new buzzword in almost every market sector. Blockchain technology is used for securely recording transactions in many financial sectors. There are unlimited applications of this technology with many benefits. For easy understanding, blockchain means a decentralized database. If we take the analogy of a traditional database as a spreadsheet, which runs on a single computer, blockchain distributes that spreadsheet to work on thousands of computers. It also makes use of cryptography, so once the information renders inside, it would be impossible to get it out without a key.


As like with any other technology, Blockchain is giving many opportunities in the IT sector, but also simultaneously disrupting the industries. In this article, we have jotted down the prominent industries which can be overtaken by blockchain technology.


As the fund’s transfer are getting digital and assets are getting digital, the red-taped infrastructure of banking industries is facing a massive hit. With the birth of cryptocurrencies and ICOs raising funds, even the banking giants CEOs are realizing the true potential of this technology.

Blockchain has given birth to millions of currencies and tokens through Initial Coin offerings (ICOs) & crypto transfers. With the advent of technology, now the users can create funds, lease assets, transfer payments, the list is endless. In many countries like South Korea, banks have even made several policies to accept encrypted payments. It is completely a safe technology with quite cheap and faster operations.

Real Estate:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Real-estate is most cumbersome due to its paperwork involvement. Blockchain is really a boon in this industry. Blockchain has simplified this process eliminating escrow accounts and also real estate agents.

There would be small contracts that would be designed in a particular manner and get executed only when the pre-defined conditions would be met, for instance, funding. All the documents would be stored highly secure. As per a report, it is estimated that the real-estate sector of the US can save $550 million by just eliminating errors and using automation for managing and controlling information.


The Healthcare industry involves a lot of paperwork such as the records of patients, medical records, etc. It is highly prone to managing the data of a patient and transferring information. The industry lacks standards for developing security upgrades to solve such issues. However, blockchain technology can revamp this trust by providing secure storage to medical records which can be easily transferred to the doctor and also provides access to only the concerned people. The blockchain app developers are creating more cost-effective healthcare solutions to provide better & accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Legal Industry:

Storing legal documents and verifying them is the key working of the legal industry, especially in matters of wills and inheritances. Blockchain technology can disrupt this industry with its ability to store and manage documents securely. The documents can be easily verified, and if gone any changes, those would be highly authenticated. Blockchain technology can also eliminate legal issues involving inheritance including cryptocurrency assets.

A Switzerland based blockchain app development company, passion has created a blockchain-based infrastructure allowing transferring of digital assets to their relatives after their demise.


In this corona pandemic, many have realized that distance online learning could be a major thing in the education sector in the future. This is increasing the need for independently verified educational records.

Also, there would be a need for storing educational records, creating a way for employers and other educational institutions to access secure records and transcripts. The Blockchain app developers of Sony Global Education have developed a tool employing blockchain technology to secure and share student records.

Corporate Sector:

There are several ways by which the blockchain technology can streamline the corporate processes. The HR department can easily conduct background checks of the employees, verify their employment histories, and also their criminal records. It can also help in decentralized shareholders voting, and creating smart contracts for more transparent business accounting.

Wrapping Up:

There are myriad benefits of the blockchain technology in real-world solutions for complex issues. This technology is still in its early growth but has good potential to become an industry leader. Its implementation is only going to increase in the future for better security and storage. At Amplework, we are having the industry’s best blockchain app developers who can provide you with highly efficient blockchain app development services, catering to your custom requirements.

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