How your Brand can Leverage the Mobile App as a Marketing Channel?

Building a brand is a very prominent step for business owners. A company always wishes to make the image of the brand crystal clear in the mind of its customers and clientele. There was a time when advertising was considered the best marketing method to promote a brand. But time has changed, now we are living in the Smartphone’s age. With the rapid transformations in the digital world, companies are now seeking a strong mobile presence for thriving their business and building a brand.

Mobile App

Having a mobile application for your business comes with many benefits. It can automate your business activities, provide better customer service, increase sales, and you can also leverage a mobile app as your brand marketing channel.

Many major companies such as BMW, Nike, Coca Cola, and others have already taken the advantages of this effective marketing solution. In this article, we talk about how mobile apps help businesses to break new ground in their industry and help you find an effective mobile app marketing strategy.

Why mobile application development is necessary for your brand?

We are in an era, where almost every human creature is using a smartphone. As per a report, the total time people are spending on mobile apps has been increased by 50% from 2016 to 2019 and has reached nearly 1350billion hours per year.

This growth is self-explanatory about the tremendous use of mobile. So, you should definitely exploit this platform for marketing. The niche of the smartphone is where you can find the right audience. According to a report, nearly 75% of the consumers get engaged more by the loyalty programs that give them rewards in a mobile-friendly manner.

How mobile app will help your brand?

1. Increase brand awareness:

Marketing agencies are continuously wandering for platforms where they can advertise brands or place their logos. Now imagine whenever a customer will unlock his smartphone, he will encounter through the logo of your brand. This will increase the visibility of your brand, and in turn, increase the customer base.

2.   Data collection:

As the adage goes, data is the new oil. A mobile application doesn’t only solves the problem of its users, but it can also collect the data from them. Through a mobile application, you will not be required to take a survey or asking customers to fill up a form for a bonus. Instead, the mobile application will help your brand by getting data about users’ preferences. You can collect some basic information at the Sign-up form including Name, Age, Gender, Location, Preferences, habits, and others. You can include easy Questionnaires, completing on which the user will get certain offers, discounts, bonuses, or any other rewards.

You can also include an analytical system in your apps. The user-analytical systems come under the most powerful methods of collecting users’ data. When a user makes a purchase, or searches for an item, leave reviews, add a product to the cart, you can collect that data about the user shopping & searching habits, analyze it and can make business decisions based on them.

3.   Build Brand Loyalty:

Mobile application development is the best strategy for increasing brand loyalty. Take an example of Starbucks, it has built a successful brand reputation through mobile platforms. They are the best epitome of how a brand can tap into a mobile-app-consuming audience. When a user continues to find new things, offers, and discounts on your app, it makes them use it continually. They will also indulge to find about the new products or services launched by the company. This is called brand loyalty which is exhibited by the users.

4.   Catch a wide range of audience:

You can attract a new range of customers through a mobile application. Taking another example, the American fast-food chain Chipotle starts gaining new customers by offering a delivery service in its mobile application. This delivery feature attracts new customers who don’t have time or not prefer to dine in its restaurants. You can also use other features such as geo-targeted push notifications, localization, and location-based content you can send specific messages to the right people.

5.   Increase in Sales:

When you make the buying process convenient, easier, intuitive, and more appealing to the users, it can improve sales. The UX for the customers should be simple. As mentioned above, the example of Chipotle, some simple buying tactics can indulge your users which can lead to an increase in sales. With the help of loyalty programs and offers, the app becomes an effective tool to increase the sales of the company.

You can take another example of a famous pizza chain Domino’s. When the company observes, that world is going mobile, they shift to the business model of the mobile application. The Domino’s app contributed to half of the company’s online sales in 2015, with online sales making up over half of the total sales.

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