How to Develop a Video Conferencing Application Like Zoom?

If you already knew the Zoom Video Conferencing before the COVID-19 outbreak, then probably you are somehow related to the technology industry. But now after the pandemic, it has become a new way of video calling. Due to the lockdown in many countries, corporate executives, employees, school students, and many other people have become dependent on Zoom mobile application for conducting classes, meetings, or conferencing.

Video Conferencing Application

You would be surprised to know that Zoom has overpass the combined valuation of Uber & Lyft. The total number of iOS and Android downloads of the app is 73 million. Due to the pandemic, the fresh installation of the Zoom app has risen over 730%. If we consider the user base, in 2015, there were nearly 100 million annual video participants. But can you guess how the numbers have changed now? In the last month i.e. March 2020, the number of meeting participants has mushroomed to 200 million in a day.

Now, probably you must be thinking, why you shouldn’t develop a similar or in fact a better app than Zoom for taking leverage the video conferencing market. Hold your patience, as we are going to give all your answers in this article.

Let’s first understand the services offered by Zoom app:

Zoom is simply a video conferencing application, developed for the meetings of corporates. It is quite an easy app to integrate and provide a sophisticated level of audio and video quality for a better user experience. But as time changed, it isn’t limited to only corporates and now it is getting used by kinder garden students for getting their classes online. Zoom also shows innovation for improving the user experience. Let’s know about them…

  • Zoom Meetings: The Zoom meetings service by Zoom app offers you a high-quality HD video conferencing service along with content sharing and real-time messaging. It is highly suitable for meetings, online classes, or if you want to have a video chat with your kith and kin. Also, there are some extra features that you can use like calendar, scheduling, etc. The services have unparalleled usability that means the users can use these services any time from any device.
  • Zoom Video Webinar: Not everyone knows this feature of Zoom. Using this app, you can also host live virtual event hosting and broadcasting. Using the Zoom Video Webinar, you can host an event with up to 100 interactive video participants and up to 10,000 view-only participants. You can also monetize the video session through payment methods like Paypal and Zapier integration.
  • Zoom Conference Rooms: This service by room is for corporate offices as only they have the potential to take leverage of it. It is a combination of the regular conference hardware and the Zoom meeting service. The users can also share screens to multiple devices for showing stats or visuals in a meeting. However, it is a paid service and comes with a first free-month trial.
  • Zoom Phone: As the name suggests, it is a global phone service with highly graded capabilities. However, it is not available globally, and have a presence in only in US and Canada with full operations. It offers HD calling services with modern customer and employee interaction.
  • Zoom Chat: You can also have chat on your desktop or mobile using the Zoom Chat application. There is one to one as well as group chat availability.

So, these were the services that Zoom offers to its user base with high quality. In all these services, the Zoom Video Conferencing application is its main attraction and is responsible for gaining millions of users. So let’s know about the Zoom video in detail…

What are the features offered by Zoom Video?

What makes an app different is it’s out of the box features which engage more users, clarifies the user experience, increase customer loyalty, and its overall brand value. Zoom app makes no stone unturned to meet all these customer requirements. There are plenty of features that make this app above any other ordinary video-conferencing application. These are:

  1. Scalability: Here the scalability refers to the number of users who can participate in the Zoom Video conference. You can host 1000 video participants and up to 10,000 video attendees.
  2. High-Quality Audio & Video: A good quality audio & video is offered by every app but a few are actually reliant on it. Zoom offers an HD quality AV in the video conferencing application meetings to its users.
  3. Recording & Transcripts: Zoom offers you the feature of recording the meetings and also share them with the searchable transcript.
  4. Scheduling and Calendaring: If you are a person who is always swamped in work and forgets the schedule of its meetings, then this feature of Zoom will allow you for planning and scheduling the meetings.
  5. Note Taking: Do you require to take notes in your online class or during a live meeting, then this feature can be really helpful for you. It is quite a simple feature, but yet a lot helpful for the users.
  6. Virtual Backgrounds: Don’t you have a proper sophisticated background and can’t show it in your meeting, then worry not. The virtual backgrounds will change your background area and the touch-up app for looking presentable on the camera.
  7. Screen Sharing: Using this feature, you can share the screen with multiple participants for an interactive and engaging meeting.
  8. Security & Safety: Do you know that all the video conferences, chat, and phone calls are encrypted to maintaining your data within complete security.

How to hire developers for developing mobile application development like Zoom?

This the most important part of mobile application development. You need to hire a mobile app development company who is having previous experience of developing a Zoom like mobile app development service. Don’t go for a cheap solution but instead to go for a reliable option. Hire reputed mobile app developers who can cater to your custom requirements.

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