A Boom in Online Delivery Industry Due to Corona Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, almost every business, infrastructure, has seen a massive hit in its sales and profits. While the departmental stores, shopping malls, tourism, fashion chains, luxuries, theatres, etc. are taking a hit, services such as online food delivery or online grocery delivery or medicine delivery are on the huge surge. The consumers are now opting to stay away from any gathering and are preferring social distancing. Thus, even delivering is taking contactless.

Online Delivery Industry

In this article, we are going to discuss this surge in online delivery Industry due to this pandemic…

Online Grocery Delivery:

As the virus pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the different parts of the world, several pieces of research have found that online grocery delivery is ramping up. The research states that nearly 28% of regular customers made their first-ever online grocery order in the last month, to stay indoors. The customers are stocking up common household necessities such as flour, rice, pulses, oil, vegetables, etc.

E-commerce giants such as Walmart, Instacart, Shipt have seen a huge surge in their app downloads, around 50 thousand downloads within a day. While in India, companies like Bigbasket have seen a growth of nearly 200% with the order size. Recorded increase of over 20 % in the size of the basket.

Mail & Shipping Services:

The mail & delivery services were in distress due to COVID-19. However, many of them are still functional and are working by taking all precautions. But certainly, the speed of the services has been affected.

Companies like FedEx have announced that they are taking all the precautions and are sanitizing all their equipment, whereas the UPS courier company is continuing to operate as per the local regulations.

While currently, no research has found that the virus can sustain on a parcel and can infect a person, the postal services are still in critical infrastructures. Most countries are giving priority to the postal services to keep running during the crisis – however not all at full capacity.

Food Delivery Services:

There has been a surge in demand for home food delivery services as more and more people are staying indoors and adopting social distancing. In the US, nearly one-fifth of the customers ordered edible groceries online, with an increase of 3% in the same month.

In Britain, credit & debit card operator Barclaycard analyzed that more than 25% of the shoppers are avoiding high streets. Takeaways and food delivery services rose by 8.7% in the month.

Delivery services like Deliveroo, Postmates, and UberEats are also witnessing a surge in the demand for their services and have taken initiatives like contactless delivery to protect customers and delivery drivers.

Contactless Delivery:

In this quarantine, people are also preferring a contactless delivery that doesn’t involve the exchange of cash. Health authorities have also recommended people to avoid contact with each other. This contactless delivery trend is creating a unique opportunity for delivery robot startups to test their technology. Driverless delivery startup Neolix Technologies recently announced it has raised nearly $28.7 million to mass-produce its self-driving vehicles.

Instacart, have also initiated a new concept of “Leave at My Door Delivery” feature, which was actually designed for the scenario in which the recipient is not at its address at the time of delivery. But due to this pandemic, the company has seen a huge surge in consumers opting for this feature.

In contactless delivery, the delivery boy will keep your parcel at your doorstep for avoiding the infection risk. However, the delivery person will be outside to ensure the parcel gets collected.

Now many new businesses, groceries, and retail owners have started to develop their apps to stand up in the market and take leverage of the online delivery industry.

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