Best Chatbot Development Frameworks for your next Chatbot Development

Chatbot has gained a good reputation in web applications, mostly in e-commerce stores. There are many reputed organizations which are relying on Chatbots for resolving the queries of their loyal customers. Chatbots are easy to use by customers and can save your excellent employees time for more qualitative tasks. It can also improve brand reputation, accelerate operations, and can give human-like experience to the users. According to research, the worldwide market of the chatbot was valued at $190.8 million in 2016, and by 2025 it is expected to reach the valuation of $1.25 billion. The average growth rate would be 24.3 %. If you are looking out for creating custom chatbots, then the Chatbot development framework matters a lot. A top-notch chatbot development company like us is having expertise in these frameworks and can provide you with the best Bot development services.

Chatbot Development Framework

Here are the best Chatbot Development Frameworks for your next Chatbot development:

1. Microsoft Bot:

Backed by the tech giant, Microsoft, Microsoft Bot Framework can help you in designing and training chatbots to interact with your customers through text, SMS, video, and speech. It is an A.I Chatbot platform which you can integrate with the popular applications offered by Microsoft suite like Cortana, office 365, and others.

It can also allow the chatbots to integrate with users on platforms like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Cortana, etc. You can also test chatbots products even before deploying into the channel.


You can use platform for creating text-based and voice-based bots. It is completely free and based on open-source Natural Language Processing. can support any language spoken all over the world.

There are many machine learning algorithms that are used by for extracting vital information. It has a self-learning property of human language. You can use in your business, home automation, wearables, mobile apps, and other hardware.

3. Dialog Flow

Dialog Flow framework is backed by Google. It enables users to develop human-computer interaction technologies that can support Natural Language Processing (NLP). It leverages speech-to-text technology and NLP for a better human alike interaction. It uses Google Cloud Architecture and AI system for converting speech into text. It can also make use of Big Data for understanding what customers are saying and then giving a proper response. This comes with an internal code editor that you can use for integrating multi-functional chatbots in your applications. Dialog Flow can build chatbots which can interact with users on Google Assistant, Alex, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms. It supports more than 20 languages.

4. I.B.M Watson

Another tech giant I.B.M has given a chatbot development framework, in its project DeepQA project. It uses a neural network for replying naturally. There are trained & integrated architecture for deploying I.B.M Watson chatbots which can offer better service, both internally and externally.

It has been widely used to develop chatbots for healthcare applications for taking patient data and identifying the diseases. These chatbots can even help doctors for prescribing proper treatments and medicines.

5. Pandorabots:

It is an open-source framework for chatbot development which comes with different business tools for developing, launching and iterating chatbots easily. It includes A.L.I.C.E (Artificial Linguistic Computer Entity) and Alias platform which makes use of artificial markup language.

The panda robots can build intelligent chatbots that can make two-way communication on the business channels. The SDK of pandorabots covers all required tools that a chatbot development company will require to create, launch, and emphasize a chatbot. It uses AI Modelling Language, which is an XML-based language. Pandorabots also supports static images and GIFs. Pandorabot chatbot builder has been used to develop chatbots for voice interfaces, eCommerce, customer service, marketing, and more, in the past. While the basic version is offered free of cost, the company provides multi-dimensional pricing plans for businesses with advanced requirements.

6. Botpress:

Botpress is also an open-source bot development platform and comes with a modular blueprint. It has a developer-friendly environment with a responsive dashboard and flexible technology. It runs on a 3 stage installation process. Firstly, the developer will build a bot, then deploy it on the required platform and then hand-off access so that it can be efficiently managed. You can build chatbot locally and can manage them through cloud hosting.

You can have complete control of the data that is transmitted and gathered through the chatbot. The developers can also customize the chatbot to add business logic or integrate the 3rd party APIs. There are several pre-installed components like N.L.U engine, administration dashboard, visual flow editor etc. The framework is available under both the A.G.P.L. license and the Botpress Proprietary License.

7. Botkit:

There is an active community of more than 7,000 developers for the Botkit platform. It is an open-source chatbot building platform, with NLP integrated from There comes thousands of libraries and plugins for the developers with this platform. It also has a visual conversation builder. There are built-in statistics and metrics with the platform, and tools like Slack, I.B.M Watson, Glitch, and Heroku. The developers can add custom plugins as per his requirements.

8. RASA Stack:

RASA Stack is a famous chatbot development framework. It consists of two major components Rasa N.L.U and Rasa Core. There are many open-source ML tools in this framework, for creating chatbots and assistants. The chatbots can understand natural human language and conversations.

The chatbots can be deployed on your business servers. Hence, if you prefer to keep all your components in-house then you must go for this platform. It is an independent framework and doesn’t require any third-party API to run. Chatbots built with RASA Stack can perform contextual dialogues, recognize user intent and even exact entities.

9. ChatterBot:

ChatterBot takes leverage of python libraries for giving an automated response of FAQs raised by customers. It simplifies the developers’ work and makes effective conversations with customers.

The Chatbots can easily learn after their deployment on your site, and the accuracy and speed get better over time. More they interact with customers, the more they get the knowledge of customer interaction. They are powered by advanced ML algorithms. These chatbots can even generate different yet relevant answers for the same queries. Because the framework stores and manipulates data, it can search the closest statements that match the question pattern while stimulating responses to the customers.

Wrapping Up:

After choosing the best chatbot framework for your requirements, you will be requiring a Chatbot App Development Company like us. At Amplework, we provide the best AI Bot development services which suit your requirements.

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