7 Reasons why React Native is the future of Mobile App Development

Created by the developers of the social media colossus Facebook, React Native has become one of the most preferred platforms for mobile application development. It is the native version of the ReactJS, one of the most popular JS libraries. From its inception, it was continuously gaining popularity. It has been 5 years since its release. You would be surprised to know that the term “React Native” has been searched more in comparison to “iOS development” and “Android development”.

React Native

The React Native experts can develop which are indistinguishable from the apps developed by Java or Objective-C. In fact, the React Native experts can develop native apps without understanding languages like Objective-C, JavaScript, Kotlin, or Swift. In this article, we have jotted down the 7 points for why Native can be the future of mobile app development.

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Most of the APIs of Native are cross-platforms, i.e. one component can work on both iOS as well as Android platforms. You are not required to write a single line of platform-specific code, and can still develop full-blown applications with its look, run and feel of like a native application. However, there may be many incidents at which you need to be platform-specific. If you require different design implications on Android or iOS, then there are platform modules and platform-specific file extensions.

2. Faster Development:

Native allows the development of mobile applications quite faster. As it is an open-source platform, there is a large community of developers supporting it, hence it has a lot of components to use. Using these components, the development time has been dropped by around 30%.

There is a state management tool, Redux which reduces the development time to a great extent. The Native experts can create a shared data layer for both iOS & Android for making it faster, with lower failure chances.

3. Live Updates and CodePush:

Live Updates is probably one of the biggest advantages of developing native mobile applications. You must hire the best React Native developer who can push the updates without going through the update cycle of the app store. It is possible because of the extensive use of the JS.

In iOS, the approval time of live updates is quite longer. However, updating all your user’s apps in a click means that the developer won’t have to deal with older version problems.

4. User Interface and Performance:

Using HTML5, CSS3, and JS, mobile app developers can create the best hybrid mobile applications. The performance of these applications is quite high without sacrificing the capability of these apps as the working of React is independent of the UI.

5. Native features:

Apps developed by React Native can work as like any other native mobile app, therefore the React Native is adopted. Features like accelerating scroll, the behavior of keyboard, along with animations can play a major role in app popularity.

The native widgets which constitute the UI perform flawlessly. Even a highly complex app can run smoothly by React Native and JS.

6. Code reusability:

Reusing a code that is already written can save a lot of React Native experts time. React Native gives this right to the developers. It doesn’t mean on React Native, you need to write one code for every platform. In fact, you are required to write some fresh code for building a user interface that can feel native. But many common codes of UI can be used on both platforms.

7. Better Environment for Development:

The mobile app developers are having a good time in developing an app on the React Native platform. The clients who used to ask apps for their business on both iOS and Android, but have a limited budget, this platform is like a boon for them. The developers can now develop the app freely which can run on both platforms.

Wrapping Up:

React Native is on the verge to take over mobile app development. As a business owner, you must not hesitate to consult a React Native Development Company and hire React Native developers who can cater to your needs.

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